Sunday, November 05, 2006

To migrate or not to migrate...

I am thinking of moving my blog from my personal server to blogger. This is all part of my present idea that I should not host my services on my own anymore. It is simply too unreliable, the connection of my server is not 100% reliable. And it's too much work as well, I've done it, I've learned what I wanted from it, but it is easier to let someone else do it.
I am also looking at the alternative to let google host my mail service as well, via the google apps program.
The issue is that I need transparency. I want all the services to be visible through via my domain. Google Apps gives me this, but sadly blogger does not, at least not yet. It is one of the sugested future features, but I want to be sure before I mirgate my blogging.
The other problem is that I don't know if I will be accepted for the Google Apps service. They aren't very explicit on what they require from an organization for it to be accepted. My organization is only me, and open source projects I host for me and my friends. That's it. Do they accept that?
Well the least thing I can do is try.

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