Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Be my friend, work with me

We are hiring engineers for Neo4j at Neo Technology, and I want to work with you!

I never grew up and got a job. While I was still in college I found myself in a career as an open source developer and international speaker. Sounds like a job? Well I never got paid (other than different organizations sponsoring my trips and hotel expenses), I did it for the fun of it. This got me a bit of attention, and a few offers from high profile companies. No. Even before I graduated I had joined a startup (pre funding), founded by some friends of mine. They worked on interesting technology, and did things differently, challenging the established technology of the field of database management systems. Perhaps that spoke to the mindset of my inner rebel.

Now, four years after me joining Neo Technology, this once small group of friends who used to camp on empty desks at various offices where our friends worked, has grown a lot and keeps growing faster than ever before. But to me, that original feeling never disappeared, we are still a group of friends, playing with technologies that we think are interesting.

I don't have much of a social life outside of work. Why would I, I have many of my closest friends at work. Even though we are over 20 people now, compared to three when I started, I really feel like we are all friends playing with cool tech. Sure there have been times when I've been a bit annoyed over having to share my toys with some new kid, but after getting to know them and the cool things they can do, we've always ended up being friends.
So no, I wouldn't say that I've grown up and gotten a job yet. It doesn't feel like a job, it really does feel like play. Nor do I intend to, why would I? I have the privilege to keep playing and making a living out of it.

So why don't you come play with us? We've got room for more in our sandbox!

We are looking for great talent worldwide who can help us build the coolest sandcastle ever! You don't have to be a Java developer, but JVM experience helps. The important part is a talent for using technology in exciting new ways. Neo4j is (to my knowledge) the most widely used graph database in the world. It is an awesome product, but still has lots of room for improvement, from the lower levels, to the higher for modeling, or bindings for different languages. Everything is open source, so the best resume you can send us is a code contribution.

While we are recruiting from anywhere in the world, we are still trying to keep the organizations focused around only a few locations. So being able to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area or Malmö, Sweden is a huge plus. We are looking for product engineers, QA experts, and support engineers to help our customers with everything from domain design to troubleshooting. Versatility is expected, you will not be doing one task only, product engineering experience makes for better support engineers, and customer support experience makes for better product engineers.

For official details see:

I'm looking forward to play with you.