Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dashboard RSS reader

I really like my (still quite) new MacBook. With dashboard I finally was able to get up to date on my weblog reading, I installed an RSS reader for dashboard and configuread it to read the feeds I would like to read, you know the deal. I miss one feature however. It isn't that I cannot read the content in the reader, I rather read content in the form that the author intended. It is the fact that the reader only displays one feed at a time.

I would like my RSS reader to display two separate lists. One is the list of posts in a secific feed, however I want it too highlight the unread posts in a different colour or something, my current reader does not do that. Then I would like a list of allt the feeds I subscribe too, complete with the name of the feed and the number of unread posts in the feed. Marking a post as read could be made simply when I click the post too open it in my web browser.

I could write a widget like this myself, but not today. However I believe that my requirements would be quite common, so I figured it would be likely that someone had already written a widget like this. If any of my readers (if any) know of any widget that meets these specifications, please tell me in a comment, otherwise please tell me if you think this is a good idea or not too encourage me too write this widget.

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