Monday, May 05, 2008

Jython call frames and Dynamic Languages Symposium

The call for paper deadline for Dynamic Languages Symposium was last friday (the 25th), I was hard at work the week up until the 25th, working on different implementations of how to represent call frame objects. Sadly I didn't manage to get all the results we wanted and write a paper about it before the CFP deadline for DLS. It was still good work though, I have a few different implementations going now. I still need to do some more testing, benchmarking and comparisons on the different implementations before I publish the results of that here. After that I was swamped with work during the weekend, and then I went to San Francisco for JavaOne, and didn't get reliable Internet connection until now. This sums up why I didn't publish any blog post last week. Besides these updates there isn't more interesting news for this blog post. There will be more to write about on Friday when Jim and I have done our JavaOne presentation. I will post then with an update on how it went. Over and out.

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